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Five iPhone dog training apps that really help

January 5 2017 Published on #dog training apps, #dog tips, #iphone dog apps

When you're showing your dog another conduct, whether it's sit or move over, it can be difficult to recall the distinctive steps and their request when you're in a practice session. Smartphone dog training apps offer prompt criticism ideal on your smartphone....

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Difficult dog breeds to raise

December 8 2016 Published on #dog tips, #hardest dogs to train, #difficult dogs to train

Dog is a man's best companion, no questions about it. He's dedicated, adoring, mindful, and a general family-accommodating pet. In any case, despite the way that we have domesticated dogs quite a while prior, there are still sure breeds that will give...

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Know your dog's body language

November 18 2016

eepening you're understanding of why dogs do what they do and how they speak with each other (and attempt to speak with you) won't just help you in training and taking care of, it will also increase the bond you have with your dog. MOUNTING/HUMPING At...

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